Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

It is impossible to predict everything that could have a negative impact on your business, but a good backup system and business continuity plan gives your business the best chance of surviving it. From fires, floods, cyber-attacks, or just accidental deletion of data having working backups and a business continuity plan allows you to get back up and running as soon as possible and with minimal data loss. 

Our disaster recovery solutions

Managed Backup Service

Backing up your data and systems requires more than just installing some software. As part of our managed backup service, we make sure your backups are correctly configured, monitor backup jobs, fix any issues, and perform test. We tailor this service to meet your recovery time and data retention requirements, using both local and cloud-based storage.

Our backup services can backup virtual servers (VMWare and Hyper V), physical Windows Servers, and desktop and laptops (Windows and Mac).

Benefits of a managed backup service

• Peace of mind knowing your backups are running and protecting your important data

• Your backups are tested to make sure they can be used for recovery

• Flat monthly fee to include everything required

Office 365 Backup

Microsoft does not provide backups as part of Office 365. So, any deleted data, whether accidentally or maliciously, is completely removed their servers at the end of the retention period. To protect your email, OneDrive, and SharePoint data we provide a managed Office 365 backup solution. With 4 backups a day, unlimited storage, and indefinite retention our Office 365 backup service provides peace of mind your data is protected and recoverable.

Business Continuity

As well as a good backup system, a Business Continuity Plan is a must for ensuring your business can survive any disaster whether caused by fire, flood, cyberattack or natural disaster. We can help with creating, implementing and ongoing support of your business continuity plan.

Cloud Backups

Our cloud backup services are included with our managed backup service and can also be provided if you already have your own backup system. With security in mind, we provide encrypted transfer of data to our cloud storage and can provide immutable storage to protect against accidental or malicious deletion of your backups.